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From the day we took our first shake down cruise to the day we turned it in, 3 years later, this Monaco Camelot has been a royal pain in the a**! The exhaust system nearly fell off due to improper bolting, we have been through 3 windshields, it still leaks very badly, transmission failed at 33k miles, a bad injector on Cummins ISL, Sani-*** macerator was a joke (we finally removed it and threw it into the desert), water pump failed, and a whole list of other smaller items.

In short, we are pissed and we think Monaco should be raked over the coals.

And don't get us started about their customer service!!!

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Also having similar issues. Purchase brand new 2010 Riptide, first three seats started flaking off the the vinyl off at year 3 no help out of warranty tough luck was the response I got from Monaco and the manufacturer of the seats.

Since then it has been replacing the motor for the steps, control box for the levellers, microwave, replace dining room table, had to replace bed base so thin it broke. Generally a big piece of crap and Monaco won't take responsibility for anything.

Plus the high voltage Outlet holes were all cut to big so when you would try to plug something in it would fall through the wall. And the list can go on and on and on.


"Never Again!!!"

Bought a new Cayman XL in 06. At least 28 different issues- some I fixed myself, others fixed, usually on the road.

Some things never worked correctly (levelor system, etc) I still cannot believe that a builder who billed themselves as top end would secure my rear view mirrors with wook screws! I had bolts installed to secure them correctly.

We were very happy to unload this mess this year. This was the worst single consumer product we have ever purchased

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completely agree, we purchased our monaco 34s lapalma in 01, we thought we were buying a top notch motorhome, price $103,000, guess again, been a big headache since, nothing cheap to replace eaither, a/c went out cost $1300

inverter went south cost was $1700

generator plastic maniford cracked cost $1100

2 recalls, 1 major because of frame breakage, the other cruise control, may start a fire.

this all happened without warrenty and motorhome as of today 6/01/08 has 17000 miles on it. plus the m/h rattles so bad i hate to drive it.


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